Komondor Puppies for Sale

AKC Registered

Komondor Puppies  for Sale

Komondor Puppies for sale
Komondor Puppies for Sale

AKC Registered

Well socialized Komondor puppies.

  • Livestock Guardians

  • Hungarian Champion Pedigree

  • Loving Companions


Limited Availability


Due to high demand and extremely limited availability, we are now accepting applications to be placed on a waiting list for puppies to be born in the future.  To the families awaiting news, we are as excited as you are!


Thank You


Thank you to everyone that has inquired about a puppy, and to the families on the waiting list, thank you for your patience.  A very special thank you to the families living with our pups; you are each helping to preserve this majestic breed.  We are proud to announce that both the big boy and the big girl from our "A" litter are in very good hands, and both look forward to promising show careers.  


With an estimated worldwide population far less than 10,000, Komondor dogs are in need of conservation efforts.  By collecting heritage pedigrees, our goal is to preserve thousands of years of selective breeding.  

California Komondor Quality

Komondor puppy

Komondor puppies love life, and it's amazing to watch them grow into confident working dogs.  See our Komondor Dog Info if you are thinking about owning, and if you choose to raise a komondor puppy, you are contributing to the survival of a rare and endangered ancient breed.  World War II was devastating for Koms, and the number of births each year is extremely low, with very few registrations worldwide.  Lack of awareness is to blame for the low numbers, Komondor dogs possess many desirable qualities, are incredibly intelligent, and are irreplaceable partners on a farm. 

At California Komondor our mission is to help preserve and protect the Komondor Dog through conscious selection of the finest bloodlines, and by educating others to the many qualities instinctual to the breed.  We are farmers that occasionally allow our Komondor dogs to breed naturally in their home environment.  We raise puppies in order to be self sufficient and supply our own working dogs, and it benefits our community to have access to superior genetics.  You will not find a list of dog breeds that we are expecting puppies from, nor will you find a regular supply of Komondor pups here.  We offer high quality, champion pedigree puppies, raised in a real working farm environment where they are exposed to children, lambs, llamas, sheep, chickens, equipment, and the hustle and bustle of farm life.  We guarantee that our pups are happy and healthy, and they will arrive up to date on all vaccinations, with veterinary records, registration paperwork, and copies of extended pedigrees.  The parents are registered internationally and nationally, with OFA Hip Dyplasia Certifications, and DNA profiles in the AKC database.