Shanti is a gorgeous Komondor, born in Hungary, with piles of luxurious cords and classic features.  Her sire is: HJCH, HCH, HSCH, IntCH, HKKCH Bokorszeri Cudar, an esteemed champion sporting a pedigree filled with titles; he completed the Junior World Championship before turning 1 and is one of the most successful Komondor in Hungary.  Shanti's dam was sired by a world renowned Hungarian champion, Penzesgyori Erdesz.  3 of Shanti's litter mates are already winning shows in Hungary, and her sister Mona was the Junior World Winner in 2015.  Shanti is super sweet, very affectionate and protective.  She watches over our sheep, llamas, and chickens; her guarding instincts are invaluable, and her bark is a ferocious alarm.

Royal bloodlines plus a loving and protective nature make Shanti the Queen of the farm.

Somogyi Betyar Mia


Somogyi Betyar Alma


Einstein was our first Komondor, we imported him from Canada, and his intelligence and loving nature are some of the breed's finest qualities.  Einstein's elite ancestry includes Ch. Szentivani Ingo, "Duna".  He is 130 lbs, thinks he's a lap dog, is gentle with children, yet intolerant of any threat or intrusion.  Einstein has saved the lives of many lambs on our farm, and he works tirelessly chasing coyotes and patrolling at night.  He has personal relationships with our flock of Horned Dorset sheep and llamas.

Sunestas WF Einstein

Einstein helps us sleep at night, he protects our family and our Dorset Horn Sheep.

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California Komondor Dogs on Mossy Falls Farm


Mossy Falls Magas Ama


Daughter of Einstein & Shanti, Ama is a vigilant guardian and loving friend.

Ama was born January 19, 2016, the first-born of our first breeding. She combines many of the traits we love about her parents.  She is taller than Shanti, and she learned the rules of the farm quickly from Einstein, who she takes after in intelligence and guarding instincts.  Ama will not be used for breeding, she is a committed working dog and great assistant to Einstein on his nightly patrols.  Together their skills have completely deterred predators from entering the property.  We are thrilled to have Ama in the family, and the farm security as been upgraded with her on guard.

Princess Alma is a combination of the most prestigious bloodlines in Hungary.

Born in Hungary on December 25, 2016 to the most successful junior male and female komondorok of the year in 2016, HJCH Somogyi Betyar Pajkos and HJCH Somogyi Betyar Szello, Alma's pedigree is a literal alphabet soup of titles and Hungarian champions.  All 4 grandparents are champions; Alma shares a relative with Shanti, HJCH, HCH, HSCH, INTCH, HKKCH Bokorszeri Cudar is her maternal grandfather, and her maternal grandmother is HCH, HSCH, ROJCH, ROCH Almadi Harsasuti Milka.  Alma's paternal grandmother, JWW, DW, JCLW, HJCH, HCH, HSCH, HGRCH, INTCH, ROCH Beremendi Bundas Nelly, is a highly decorated, incredibly beautiful champion named best Female Komondor of the Year in 2012 and 2014; she won second best in 2013, in addition to 6xHPJ, 18xCAC, 6xCACIB, 7xBOB and 3xBOS.  Alma's paternal grandfather, HCH, HSCH, HGRCH, ROCH, INTCH Canicum Pasztor Duhaj, is a gorgeous champion with classic features and a huge frame.  We are very excited about these genetics, and look forward to big, beautiful puppies in the future!

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